Crafted with you in mind.

Over 100 years of Collective Engineering Excellence.

You’ll never know how well you can cook, or what delicious
results you can achieve until you cook with Capital.

Designed and manufactured in America, a Capital appliance is created with the customer’s best interest at heart from beginning to end. The first engineers to design commercial performance ranges for home-use are among our leadership, and we continue to redefine the standards of the industry.

The Capital Difference

As fellow cooking aficionados, we also appreciate and pay attention to the details, both small and large. We strive to make your cooking experience gratifying, and the aesthetics enviable. These are a few of the details that set us apart.

  1. Unique Burner Designs
  2. Next-Level Fit and Finish
  3. Moist-Cook™ Baking
  4. Internal Oven Moto-Rotis™

An Extraordinary Range of Possibilities

Capital is proud to offer an unsurpassed variety of cooking options, including sealed burner or open burner cooktops and gas or electric oven configurations that will bring out the best chef in you.

Culinarian Series


One look at the powerful burners of Capital’s Culinarian ranges and range tops, and you’ll see the difference. Concentric rings of 94 flames provide even distribution of heat, from the center out, for efficient and consistent simmers to searing high heat. Packed with an impressive 25,000 BTUs of power on the main burners, the Culinarian will boil water in record time or simmer the most delicate sauces. It lets you sear like a pro, and smoothly adjust to all temperatures in between. Learn More

Precision Series


In the spice rack of life, variety is the seasoning that packs the most punch. With 11 different cooktop configuration options available, the Precision Series is the perfect choice for home chefs who like to mix things up. Capital’s Power-Flo™ sealed burners are among the highest output sealed burners on the market today. Learn More

Connoisseurian Series


A “connoisseur” is defined as one who enjoys with discrimination and appreciation of subtleties: an expert. The Connoisseurian embodies this definition. Combining either Capital’s powerful AlphaFlame™ Open Burner system the industry-leading Power-Flo™ Sealed Burner design, along with the precise control of our feature-rich electric ovens, the Connoisseurian dual fuel range truly brings the best elements of gas and electric together for the discerning chef. Learn More

Customize Your Capital Cooking Experience

Over 50 years of engineering excellence behind the Capital Cooking brand has taught us a few things. We pay attention to the details – small and large – making your cooking experience gratifying and inspiring.

Griddle Station

Enhance your cooking options with an integrated griddle. Made from 3/4″ solid steel plate, the Capital griddle station allows you to make perfect omelettes, pancakes, burgers, and more! Available in 12″ or 24″ widths.    .

Grill Station

Give your steaks, burgers, and veggies that fresh-grilled flavor with our integrated grilling station. Available in 12″ or 24″ widths.

Custom Colors

All indoor ranges from Capital Cooking are available in a timeless stainless steel or color finish. Request any color from the RAL color palette, one that really cooks for you.

Used By Chefs On The Food Network and HBOMax