5-4-3-2-1 Dwell on Design Countdown Begins!

Happy Monday! We are now four and five days away from special Capital Cooking events at Dwell on Design at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 22-24. Let us update you quickly…

There are a few face changes in the Designer Cookoff being held from 2-3 pm this Friday afternoon. Nick Lovelady (@cupboards) can no longer join us, but the show must go on!  We are now looking forward to the cooking antics of:



  • San Diego Designer, Brandon Smith @dcoopsd
  • Stacy Garcia, Owner of Garcia Cabinetmakers in Huntington Beach and founder of #kbtribechat @cabinetmakers
  • Paul Buchanan, chef and owner of Primal Alchemy Catering in Long Beach
  • Lori Gilder, Interior Designer, Principal of Interior Makeovers in Beverly Hills @lorigilder
  • Rebecca Reynolds, Owner of Culinary Kitchen Design in Greenwich, CT @CKD_Rebecca
  • Jennie Cook, local food advocate and blogger, owner of Plant Based Parties/Vegan Events in Los Angeles @jenniecooks

Rebecca Reynolds happily stepped up to the plate to be the team lead on her side of the oven and we’re thrilled and thankful that she did!

The buzz is building for the Pro Chef Challenge on Saturday as well!  Join us as Chef Jamie Gwen and Chef Doug Fletcher “go to battle” on Saturday, June 23rd from 2-3 pm in Capital’s Booth (#1230).