Do Actions Really Speak Louder Than Words?

We received an incredible letter from a very satisfied customer that we wanted to share with all of you. We were so touched by the honesty, perspective and response to our hard work and dedication in offering the very best selection of products that we just couldn’t keep it to ourselves, enjoy!

Ron Frantz

Almo Specialty Products

Territory Manager

Re: Capital Culinarian Range


I love to cook and my wife and I enjoy entertaining our friends at our home. So we decided to upgrade our 15 year old kitchen and build a kitchen of our dreams.

Lots of time, effort and thought went into the design and execution of this project.

When it came time to pick out a heart of the kitchen – the range, I did an extensive research, both on-line and by talking to friends. I considered all the major brands – Viking, Wolf, DCS, etc.

I visited Reno’s Appliances in Fairfield, a premier high end appliance dealer in my area.

Their sales consultant Ari Amador was a great help explaining all the features and pros and cons of different brands. He took his time to ask questions and understand what kind of cooking I do.

His recommendation was to purchase a range with open burners as they give a chef the best ability for temperature control. So with that, Viking, Wolf and others were out of contention.

Ari showed me a Blue Star range. It looked like a competent range even if a bit crude in design and finish. He also mentioned that Capital Cooking not long ago came out with a new open burner Culinarian range. Unfortunately since the range was still so new, they didn’t have one on display.

I did some more research and after comparing features between Blue Star and Capital Culinarian I decided to go with Culinarian range, even though I never seen the range live. The deciding factors were that all four burners were high performance 33,000 BTUs, built in rotisserie and self-cleaning feature.

It took long 2 months to get my range. But oh boy was it worth the wait! Fit, finish and look of the range were way beyond my expectations. But many companies build nice looking, shiny appliances. The performance is where Culinarian really shines!

I cook every day and put my new range through its paces within a first week of use. It performed without a hitch. The level of temperature control the burners allow you is outstanding. I was able to pan sear steak to a perfect medium rare on a highest setting and at the same time use a simmer setting to slow cook “fall of the bone” short ribs.

Keeping the range clean is also very easy with all the parts logically located that can be removed without any tools for thorough cleaning.

I would like to congratulate Capital Cooking for designing and building an outstanding product. It looks like this range was built by people who take pride in what they do and understand what home cooks like me are looking for and expect in a range.

Ron and Ari,

You should be proud in selling this fine product and thank you for making it available!

Best Regards,

Ben Smith (name has been changed)