Friday Fun: Chef Kurt von Kahle comes to Yale Appliance!

Yale Appliance of Dorchester, MA proudly welcomes Chef Kurt von Kahle to provide a cooking demonstration on the Capital Culinarian in their showroom on Sunday, March 11, 2012 from noon to 4pm.

Kurt will be focusing on the Culinarian’s open burner offering: The ability to blast 23,000 BTU/hr of power or provide a delicate simmer on each and every burner – now that’s flexibility!

Specifically, he will be focusing on:

  • Searing: Using a cast iron skillet (preparing dry rub sirloin rib tips)
  • Stir Fry: Both a healthy option and quick meal (perfect with this open-burner system)
  • Simmer: Both low and slow for keeping food warm (pulled pork is on the menu)

Learn how to use your Culinarian to it’s fullest potential or take the opportunity to get to know this restaurant-style range, perfect for the home chef. Chef Kurt von Kahle has over 25 years of experience in food service and appliance industries… so he knows a thing or two about good appliances.

Please visit for location information. Hope to see you there!