Friday Fun: Did You Know? The Hottest Spice!

Do you have a palette seeking to be seared? Is Frank’s Red Hot just not cutting it anymore?

The Naga Jolokia (also known as Bhut Jolokia, Ghost Chili, Ghost Pepper, Naga Morich) is a chili pepper that grows in northeastern India (Assam, Nagaland, and Manipur) and Bangladesh. (pictured left)

It was previously confirmed by Guinness World Records to be the hottest chili in the world, displacing the Red Savina.

The most current report on the hottest chili in the world is the Trinidad Scorpion “Butch T” (pictured right). It’s a scorcher rated at 1,463,700 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Compare that to 0 SHU in bell peppers and 2,500 – 5,000 SHU in jalapenos!