Friday Fun: French Foodie Facts

out-to-lunchFor the French people, food should be consumed with as much care as they were prepared. In fact, most lunch breaks are no less than two-hour midday breaks for people in the cities. Yes, most offices in France give employees two hours every day for lunch. And if you work in a small town, you could be even luckier because breaks there could be more than two hours. Lucky employees! Who wouldn’t want to have two-hour lunch breaks?

In France, when you mention truffle, people wouldn’t be thinking about a flavorful chocolate ball. They would be thinking of an aromatic fungus that would be perfect in an omelet. You read that right! Truffles are fungi. They are found mostly in Western Europe and collected in the wild by sicking pigs, or dogs on them. We’re not joking. Pigs and dogs are used to find these fungi because they’re the only animals that could smell and find this fungi, as these are usually buried underground. How one discovers buried fungi is edible is beyond us, but bon appetit!