Friday Fun: Honoring Culinary Greats!

james-beardJames Beard televised the very first cooking class in 1946. This brought him fame and fortune, and then in 1954, the New York Times dubbed him the “dean of American cookery.” One year later in 1955, he started the James Beard Cooking School.

One of the most famous Culinary Artists is Julia Child, whose 1961 cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” brought her US acclaim, also spawned a radio program across the nation. Then in 1963, her famous television show “The French Chef “ was born. Her techniques and recipes are still seen as revolutionary today.

Fannie Merrit Farmer, a student of the Boston Cooking School, published the first cookbook in 1896, fittingly titled the Boston Cooking School Cookbook. The book is still in print and used as a reference cookbook today.