Friday Fun: Street Food Around the Globe

The concept of “street food” has taken on a whole new meaning in recent years, with the proliferation of gourmet food trucks and vendors (artisanal grilled cheese truck, anyone?). Although its become easier to get exotic street food experiences closer to home, its still worth visiting the following cities to get a taste (literally) of what local street vendors have to offer:

1. Bangkok, Thailand: Whole books have been written on the street food of Bangkok, and for good reason. In addition to noodle, curry, and made-to-order stands, one can also find stalls offering oyster omelettes, biryani, and the bright purple “butterfly pea juice”.

2.  Penang, Malaysia:  Penang has become the mecca of street food, thanks to the local street food culture and the hawker centres where delicacies can be purchased for pennies. Specialties include laksa, sambals, and “roti panggang,” a toasted flat bread smeared with coconut jam.

3. Tel Aviv, Israel: The street food in Tel Aviv is not to be missed, especially since it encompasses not only Israeli dishes, but also African and Middle Eastern fare. As well as falafel and shawarmas, stalls offer Turkish burekas and Tunisian sandwiches called Fricassees.

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