Sunday Fun at Dwell on Design
Sunday, June 23 – 12 noon
Capital Booth – #1331

Flames in the Kitchen?!

It’s not something that anyone likes to hear, but when it’s used to flambé deliciousness, well, flame is A-OK in our books.

We invited the fabulous Linda Miller Nicholson the kitschy madwoman behind popular food blog, Salty Seattle to show us her best flambé techniques in our booth at Dwell on Design on Sunday, June 23rd. Mark it in your show calendar!

Linda has been called everything from the Timothy Leary to the Lady Gaga of food on national television, but at the end of the day, she’s just a pen-wielding girl wearing heels in the kitchen.

Best of all?  She is currently building a home and cooking school on 5 acres outside Seattle with a test kitchen that showcases a beautiful Capital range.

Chef Doug Fletcher
Chef Doug Fletcher

Come by our booth at 12 noon on Sunday and watch Linda and Capital Chef Doug Fletcher demonstrate this technique on our Culinarian open burner ranges.