The Battle at Dwell on Design

Once upon a time in Twitterland, during a #kbtribechat where extremely wonderful designers, manufacturers and associates who work in the kitchen and bath industry gather each Wednesday afternoon from 2-3 pm EST, an idea was born. The lovely idea was to challenge designers, who actually specify appliances for their clients, to use the appliances, test their mettle, and put their spatulas where their mouths and typing fingers were. The mighty foodie Brandon Smith (@dcoopsd) and the fearless foodie Nick Lovelady (@cupboards) from opposite ends of the land led the charge by, well, doing the most talking and typing.

So Capital Cooking thought… hmmmm… why don’t we build a demo stage when we are displaying at Dwell on Design in Los Angeles from June 22-24, and see what these folks who tweet, post and engage about kitchens can REALLY do in the kitchen? Can these designers tackle the Capital Cooking powerhouse Culinarian range? Little did Capital know that someone else was listening in Twitterland. American Standard Brands, known for their toilet domination, but clearly having an important place in the kitchen with sinks and faucets, wanted to see these throwers of hashtags use their products too. And was it true that Capital Cooking would need a sink, faucet and display for their demo stage?

How does the story end? Wait… we’re just getting started! Stay tuned for the next chapter when we announce who else will be helping Brandon and Nick in the battle of foodie designers cookoff extravaganza and tweetup (because it wouldn’t be worthy of Twitterland without tweeting about it) at 2:00 on Friday, June 22 in the Capital Cooking Booth (#1230). There may even be a special LIVE edition of #kbtribechat from the cookoff!

Want to become a sous? Want to join the fun? Are you going to Dwell on Design? If so, tweet or DM us @capitalranges (and if we’re not following you, we will in an instant) or email to tell us that you’re interested before we anoint the teams and start the battle!