The Rolls Royce of Stoves

Dr. Kalsi:

I am now TRULY delighted to report that my new GSCR305 has been installed by the retailer, George Washington Toma Appliances (an excellent, and universally recommended family-owned company in Weymouth and Brockton, Massachusetts), and performs with extraordinary flexibility, precision, creating great joy for me, and amazement for my family. The kitchen renovation took 25 years of home-ownership to accomplish, and  I have always thought of myself as a good avocational home cook, with aspirations for better work with better equipment. Capital has provided an incredible tool for improving my work.

I like to think of the stove as a beautifully responsive partner in a love relationship. The minor issues I have had (the burner caps were not perfectly fired, thus leading to some chipping – they were immediately replaced by Toma, through your customer service department), and the trivial adjustments I am certain will be promptly made to the stove by the retailer cannot dampen my enthusiasm for your product.

It is important for me to express to you that your personal kindness, patience, prompt and comprehensive answers to my first emailed questions created an atmosphere of trust in spending many thousands of dollars more than I had originally contemplated to purchase a stove about which I had never even heard in August, 2010.

To describe my perception of this stove,  please allow me to repeat a story from “another life” (I was a Juilliard-trained pianist and orchestral conductor 35 years ago):

There is a well-known pianist (still on the concert circuit, and a student of my teacher’s teacher) who, until 1972,  was a “Steinway Artist” – that is, Steinway provided a beautifully tuned piano for all of his appearances, in return for his “association” with the Steinway name.  Steinway, while the “gold standard” of pianos for 125 years, had several worthy competitors, among which Baldwin (an American piano played by Leonard Bernstein), and Bösendorfer, a piano handmade in Vienna.

Inexplicably, a couple of days before a performance in New York, in a moment of complete transparency, this pianist, in a much publicized interview with the New York Times, stated that the Bösendorfer was “The Roll Royce of pianos.”  Steinway understandably declined to allow him to play their instrument at his New York concert, and he has never again appeared as a “Steinway Artist.”

I feel that the Capital is the “Rolls Royce of stoves.”

Many thanks for creating such an extraordinary product.  If you are ever in the Boston area, I would consider it an honor to invite you for (or cook you!) a meal.


LB from Boston