The World’s Most Expensive Foods
White truffles. Don’t let their appearance fool you.

In the mood for a culinary splurge? Look no further than this list of the world’s most costly ingredients.

1. White Truffles (up to $3600/lb): Only found in one particular area of Italy for a few months of the year, the white truffle earns its price due to its rarity. Scientists have yet to figure out how to domesticate this notoriously hard to find mushroom, so if you are craving the white truffle, be prepared to pay a pretty penny!

2. Saffron ($500-5000/lb): The spice saffron is made from the dried stigmas of the purple crocus flower. Seeing as each flower only possesses three stigmas, an acre of crocuses is required to manufacture one pound of this expensive spice.

3. Matsutake Mushrooms ($3000/kg): The survival of this Japanese mushroom is in danger, due to the fact that a parasite has been killing the pine trees upon which these mushrooms grow. With the mushrooms becoming rarer, the price has become steeper.

4. Almas Caviar ($34 000/kg): This “black gold” is produced from the eggs of a rare albino sturgeon between 60-100 years old, found in the southern Caspian Sea where there is less pollution.

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