Top 10 Foods: A brief history of soup

It is said that soup is as old as cooking itself. It is a staple in the diets of almost every country and  has been as long as anyone can remember. No one knows the true beginning of soup or the very first person to ever make it, but there are signs of the even cavemen new how to boil water and residue sticking to pots in the Iron and Bronze ages.

Soup likely started out as a watery, gruel-like substance that was sopped up with bread. In fact, the English definition of “sop” is: a piece of bread soaked in liquid:  Between lunch and supper the second is usually a smaller meal. With a lighter supper came a lighter food, soup. The second meal started to be called “souper” which then transitioned in the word we know today: “supper.”

Soup has helped humans through some very hard times. In the Great Depression, soup kitchens served the poor and hopeless. Because soup can be made out of virtually any ingredients on hand, it can be an inexpensive source of nutrition. This method of helping those hungry and less fortunate continues today.

In 18th century Paris public soup houses started to become popular, they were called “restoratifs,” which is where are word for restaurant comes from. Some of the most popular, staple soups were created in France such as bouillon, broth and consommé.

From there soup has gained even more popularity with gourmet versions of classic recipes or trusted healing properties of homemade chicken noodle soup.

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