Top 10 Home Design Trends & Movements for 2011 – Texture

Alison Habermehl of HD STYLE STUDIOWe considered our own insights, researched and talked with North American Interior Designers & industry professionals to bring you the Top 10 Home Design Trends & Movements for 2011. This week we talked storage with Canadian Designer, Alison Habermehl of HD STYLE STUDIO. She shared with us some insight on the best ways to utilize texture in your space.

#2 Trend – Texture

Take a look at the surfaces around you. What do you see? Texture, both visual and tactile, can add interest to a space without overpowering it, but also has the power to serve as a perfect focal point. Almost anywhere you look, you’ll see different variations of texture… you just may not have realized or paid mind to it until now. Perhaps a painted wall looks smooth, but when inspected closely reveals a pattern of many soft bumps. On the flip side, a surface might be smooth to the touch, but through the use of lines, shapes or colors, appears textured to the naked eye.

Texture can be carried throughout a room in many different ways: with wall, floor or ceiling treatments, artwork and/or other home décor. Inlaid flooring is becoming more popular and the expectation of floors is increasing. We now seek more creativity than your basic side-by-side tile pattern can offer. An interesting floor pattern does not have to distract from the other parts of the room, but could rather be an enhancement or the perfect finishing touch.

An interesting idea for traditional tastes would be to affix faux beams on your ceiling: Mimicking the look of barn rafters throughout a house or perhaps just the kitchen. Have more of a contemporary flare? So does Alison, who offered us some great insight on incorporating texture into your space:

Incorporating texture in contemporary spaces is often achieved by using monochromatic color palettes, or tone-on-tone patterns. When using a monochromatic palette, repeat a bold color throughout the space in different texture applications, like silk draperies, ruffled pillows and shiny lacquered decorative boxes. Adding in monochromatic graphic elements, through fabrics, tile, wallpaper or area rugs is a great way to bring in tone-on-tone patterns.

Bringing in the element of texture creates a variety of outcomes in a room; interest, contrast and warmth to name a few. If you have a smooth and sleek quartz or granite kitchen countertop, installing a textured stone backsplash is an effective way to add interest and dimension to the overall look.

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