Top 10 Home Design Trends & Movements for 2011: Integrated Kitchens

We considered our own insights, researched and talked with North American Interior Designers & industry professionals to bring you the Top 10 Home Design Trends & Movements for 2011. This week we’re talking integration, in kitchens that is.

#7 Movement – Integrated Kitchens

Parties always end up in the kitchen. Why is this? It’s something we’ve often pondered, but still don’t have an answer for. That being said, imagine this: You are having a dinner party but still have some of the appetizers and treats to prepare when your guests start arriving. Even though your kitchen is small and without adequate space for people to congregate, when the first guest arrives they join you in the kitchen instead of waiting in another room by themselves… makes sense. As more guests arrive they also squish into your kitchen to get in on the conversation rather than heading to another more airy room in the house.


The solution: An integrated kitchen. The term “great room” is quickly becoming a common term. No longer are there boundaries or separation between kitchens, dining rooms & living areas, short of an island or peninsula. With these you also get extra counter space and storage. The kitchen is one of the busiest (and most popular) spaces in a home; no wonder it’s where we all gravitate to. When a living area and kitchen are designed with life in mind, the result is a great room indeed.