Top 10 Home Design Trends & Movements for 2011: Professional Kitchen Equipment

We considered our own insights, researched and talked with North American Interior Designers & industry professionals to bring you the Top 10 Home Design Trends & Movements for 2011. This week we’re sharing the movement we were most excited for; professional kitchen equipment!

#10 Movement – Professional Kitchen Equipment

(Pictured above: Capital Cooking’s Culinarian series featured on Next Food Network Star.)

Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, Iron Chef, Chopped, Chef Michael Smith, The Chopping Block, Come Dine With Me, Jamie’s Meals in Minutes and Master Chef are only a small sampling of the cooking shows being aired across North America. What this tells us is that the popularity for these shows and professional or restaurant-style home cooking are gaining.

Also increasing are Culinarians: The people who want to be chefs in their own home, which Come Dine With Me represents the best. This market wants the full experience of professional cooking, which includes high-end ranges and ovens. Let’s not forget that built-in hot drink stations and cooling systems are also gaining popularity.

Consumers today are highly educated. GardenWeb is a perfect example of this; these people do their research on equipment before investing and are looking for professional-grade products that are functional, aesthetically pleasing & technologically advanced. Having designed the first professional-style range for residential use (Surjit Kalsi, 1985) and re-introducing the open-burner range-top through our Culinarian series in 2011, this year has definitely been a big one for professional kitchen equipment. No longer is there the same fear there once was over 23,000 BTUs/hr of power coming out of one burner. No longer are consumers settling for less than the very best for their families.

Professional kitchen equipment helps lift the barriers when expressing a passion for cooking and a desire to provide healthy meals for our families.