The Importance of Flame Direction

In this demonstration, see the difference in performance of an open burner vs. a sealed burner. With the same BTU, the open burner generates more heat to bring the water to a boil significantly faster. Open burners do not disperse the flame, allowing for an intense concentration where you need the direct heat.

Create Mouth-Watering Meals On The Culinarian Grill

At 528 degrees, the Culinarian grill sears in natural flavors and juices to create perfectly cooked steaks, burgers, lamb, and more. The result is a perfectly seared and crusted outside, with an interior that is tender and juicy. Cleanup is quick and easy; scrub with a grill brush while hot, and you are ready for your next meal.

Restaurant Quality Wok Creations, In Minutes

The Culinarian offers the option for a dedicated Wok grate that is easy to swap out, as desired. The unique design directs the flame to generate maximum heat, while keeping the handles cool to the touch. Watch this demonstration to see for yourself the difference a Culinarian can make in your kitchen.

Bake Tender Cakes And Meringues In The Gas Culinarian Oven

While gas ovens tend to have a bad reputation, watch this demonstration of basic baking in the Culinarian gas oven. Perfectly risen, golden brown baked goods, with a light fluffy interior. What more could you ask for?

Revolutionize Your Thanksgiving Meal With The Culinarian

Luscious golden brown, tender, and juicy turkey that self bastes? Yes, it is possible with the rotisserie in the Culinarian! A 15 lbs. turkey requires less than 2 hours; 1 hour on broil, and 50-60 minutes on bake and your turkey will be perfect.

Summon Your Inner Chef And Create A Soufflé In Your Kitchen

Yes, you can create a fine restaurant quality soufflé in your kitchen. The beautiful golden brown crust complements the rich tender interior. The Culinarian gas oven bakes soufflés and more to perfection.

Golden Brown And Delicious Apple Pie

The convection function in the Culinarian gas oven creates a beautiful flaky crust and a tender juicy interior in apple pies. The gentle convection cycle encourages flaky pastries, including puff pastry. Watch this demonstration to see the transformation of simple ingredients into delectable desserts.

Go From Novice To Expert With The Culinarian

There is no need to fear pie and pastry baking anymore. The Culinarian gas oven, with convection, creates flaky crusts and tender interiors to delight your family and guests.

Chef Quality Beef Wellington From Your Kitchen

Stun your friends and guests when you pull out a perfectly baked Beef Wellington from your Culinarian range. A golden brown flaky crust, and a medium rare to medium tenderloin can be tough to create; but with the advanced engineering of the Culinarian, you can proudly serve a perfectly cooked, crowd pleasing Beef Wellington.

Please A Crowd With The Culinarian Griddle

Simply place the cast iron griddle over the top of the grill on your Culinarian range, and you can quickly serve family and friends perfect pancakes, eggs, omelets, and more. The grill heats the cast iron griddle and maintains the ideal temperature. After brunch, cleanup is a quick and easy, allowing you to spend more time with your family.

High Heat + Cast Iron Skillet = Perfectly Seared Steak

A perfectly seared steak at home is easy with your Culinarian range. By preheating a cast iron skillet until smoking hot, the steak will be seared to perfection in just minutes. Watch this demonstration to see the difference directed intense heat makes in the preparation of meats.