Watch These TV Chefs Put Capital Cooking Ranges To The Test

In this clip, popular television chefs highlight the functionality of Capital Cooking’s Culinarian ranges and their creativity! Listen to the sizzle and watch the open burners provide enough heat for the perfect char. Culinarian ranges are designed and engineered for the home, and durable enough to stand up to to the toughest chefs.

Chocolate And The Culinarian Range. What Could Be Better?

Watch these top television chefs battle with chocolate, using the 36" Culinarian range from Capital Cooking. These ranges are durable enough to stand up to a competitive kitchen, but elegant enough to be the focal point of your kitchen.

Perfectly Seared Meats Require Open Burner

Watch these celebrity chefs in a friendly battle that puts the Culinarian’s 25,000 BTU open flame burners to the test. Listen for the sizzle on the lamb chops, and watch for the perfectly seared meats while these chefs compliment one another on their creativity.

Turn Fish, Beans & Candy Bars Into An Amazing Dish

These popular television chefs! In real life, and in a competitive environment, Capital Cooking's Culinarian range stands up to the challenge. 25,000 BTU open top burners, commercial quality cast iron grates, and the large capacity oven are engineered to provide you with the highest quality range available on the market.

Indoor Grilling? Yes On Capital Cooking’s Culinarian Range

Watch this clip to witness how the intense heat of the 25,000 BTU burners and a grill pan create perfect grill marks. The Culinarian range is engineered for durability and performance and yet is aesthetically pleasing to compliment any décor.

Desserts using Chicken Fat, Fruitcake & Chicken Suckers!

Multi-tasking is key in competitive kitchens, and yours! With a Capital Cooking Culinarian range, you can simmer, grill, bake, and sear with ease. If the Culinarian range can withstand a television competition, surely it can withstand your busy kitchen!

Broil, Simmer, And Saute On The Culinarian Range

These competitive chefs put Capital Cooking's Culinarian ranges to the test in this episode. Using broilers can sometimes be difficult to clean. Not so with the Culinarian! The 18,000 BTU infrared broilers are housed behind glass for easy cleanup allowing you more time to spend enjoying the fruits of your labor.