“I love your range! And your company! Thanks for letting me be a part of it for the day. Look forward to ordering the 48 inch.”
Tina Y, Choi - ON, Canada
“When I sell my home one day, the stove is not included.”
Fred & Gemma Stevens - Oshawa, ON, Canada
“I love the stove... for people who seriously want to cook!”
Cindy Bolstad - Jerseyville, ON, Canada
“Service was perfect!...I loved the follow-up!”
Lisa Timmons - Philidelphia, PA
“We looked long and hard and I really believe it’s the best out there.”
Paul LeSage - Sun Lakes, AZ
"I have no complaints about this purchasing this range. It's great to look at and I use it daily."
Kelly R. - Amarillo, TX
"I LOVE this gas range. This range works great, cooks evenly, and has a really sleek design."
John - Cincinnati, OH
"I am a proud ownder of this Capital range. Looks excellent and I receive a ton of compliments on its looks and performance."
Maximiliam Karlsson - Evanston, UT
"This grill is amazing! It heats up so quickly and that saves me so much time. The price was great as well."
David L. - Rocky Mount, NC
"This built-in grill looks great and functions perfectly in my backyard. I like how it gives such nice grill marks on my food."
Carolyn B. - Glentana, MT
"This built-in grill is awesome. It heats up evenly and there are no hot spots."
Michael M. - Providence, RI
"I love cooking on my new grill. My kids love the way my burgers taste. They love it!"
William J. - Fort Wayne, IN
"Capital makes great ranges. It's full of features, compact, yet powerful. I'm extremely happy with my purchase."
Paul K. - Salt Lake City, Utah
"I can honestly say I am thrilled with this stove! Looks beautiful, works great.I use my range every day. I especially love how it bakes cookies."
Josephine E. - Massena, NY
"I love entertaining and this range helps me do that with no problem."
Linda - Alachua, FL
"The ranges on top work wonderfully. The amount of room I have to put multiple trays in the oven is so helpful and beneficial to me."
Nora - Florida
"My last 2 ranges have been from Capital and I don't see that changing anytime soon."
Nabila - Butle, Montana
"I love the burners & the oven, I do a lot of cooking & the performance works great! Nice design and couldn't be happier!"
Pace - Mount Pleasant, MI
"This Capital range is looks great and works wonderful. I love that the material is very heavy duty and durable."
Margaret - Benton, IL
"Love cooking with this range. The convection makes baked chicken so juicy. Can't wait to cook Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas cookies!"
Rachael - Appleton, WI
"This Capital gas range's features are amazing, it feels like we're using a professional range. Food is tasting better and better."
"My kitchen looks like the inside of a super fancy restaurant and all thanks goes to this gas range which is the main focal point."
Daria - Nevada, TX
"Used every day for home cooked meals Instant heat adjust heat to what is needed. Works great. im very happy with it. "
Charles - Ambler, PA
"I am able to multi task with this freestanding range. Works great."
Sharon T. Norton - Clovis, NM
"Heats up quick that means less time in the kitchen which is great for me!! Buy it you won't be disappointed. "
T. Tan - Sullivan City, TX
"Love this gas range. Great for all types of cooking, cooks food evenly and the big widow for oven viewing is nice."
Jeffrey - Brentwood, NY
"Cooking is a breeze with this freestanding range. I can actually stand there and have fun while cooking! Product is really awesome."
Isabelle Cole - Manassas, VA
"Great range. Very powerful. Went beyond what I expected!"
Elaine R. Alvarez - Tuscola, IL
"Love the Oven very nice and easy to use. The cooking is great and food turns out great."
Virginia - Hugo, OK
"Not only is this range very attractive it works great. The top burners are very powerful."
Brianna Marlay - Grand Island, NE
"This is the best range I have ever owned. I love the convection oven option & the roasting feature."
Shearer - Los Angeles, CA
"I have owned this range for about 3 months now and it feels like we have a restaurant in our home!"
Matthew Busby - Boston, MA
"Range looks great in our kitchen and was definitely a good investment. Boils water in 5 min and all our baking has turned out better."
Russell - Cleveland, OH