“The Connoisseurian is a masterpiece of engineering”

Capital Cooking’s Connoisseurian range received a sensational review in a recent publishing of the Mercedes Benz lifestyle blog eMercedes-Benz.com. This detailed article praises the appliance as “the ultimate professional home range.”

Regarding the Capital Connoisseurian design and build quality, author/chef Tori Jones states: “Designed and built in the United States, Capital ranges’ build quality is impeccable. I owned my Culinarian for 10 years, and not only did it perform flawlessly, its looks matched its performance a decade later. It’s evident Capital uses the highest quality materials to build their ranges, and the build quality of the Connoisseurian has only gotten better. There wasn’t a single flaw with my range – not a scratch, every weld was perfect, every knob, every burner – everything functioned perfectly from the start, and six months later I’ve yet to find a fault with it. Capital ranges are beautifully built, to the point you could use them in a commercial kitchen and they could withstand the punishment.”

Jones found the open burner design on the range particularly impressive: “In a word, the open burners on the Connoisseurian are incredible. I never thought I needed such high BTU’s prior to owning a Capital, but now that I have so much power at my disposal, I find myself using the highest heat settings weekly, usually when wok cooking. Thanks to an available wok ring that replaces the standard burner grate, cooking with a wok on the Connoisseurian is brilliant, as the ample heat allows a genuine smoky flavor to permeate the food. I also use high heat when searing meats, prior to cooking at lower temps in the oven. Some debate the need for such high heat, but I’ll tell you firsthand that if you’re truly serious about cooking at the highest possible level, there’s simply no way to get the same results with less power.”

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